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CHF2,000.00 (Verhandelbar)

Porsche Felgen, 20 Zoll

  • Porsche Felgen, 20 Zoll
  • Porsche Felgen, 20 Zoll
Preis : CHF2,000.00 (Verhandelbar)
Typ : Verkaufen
Datum : 03/03/2021
Zustand : Gebraucht
Ort : Basel, Schweiz

Here I sell my rims that were mounted on my Porsche Cayman 981, BJ 2013.

The rims are not damaged, a bit of the paint is gone on a rim, this is due to natural influences, otherwise no dents or dents, no board stone damage, the rims look very good.

The front tires were reassembled last year and the rear

tires this year in July 2020. Both front and rear tires still have a profile of approx. 6.0-6.5 mm.

Pitch circle of the rims 5×130

rims VA 8Jx20 ET57 with 235/35 / ZR 20

rims HA 9,5J x20 ET 45 with 265/35 ZR20

tires Pirelli P Zero

hub cover original from Porsche is supplied with the rims.

Porsche rims, 20 inch, 8×20 + 9.5x 20 incl. Condition: used“.



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